My Rules:
- no gay/scat/gore (floating dicks are fine)
- im ok with drawing loli/animal girls(not full furry)/ monster girls.
i accept out of site commissions but i would prefer it here. you can send me a msg at [email protected] if you cant reach me here
My Pricelist (approximate):
100 Extra Votes:
1 female with anonymous male or with sex toys (pose up to you)
150 Extra Votes:
a couple or 2 females or 1 female w/ multiple anonymous males (pose up to you)
200 Extra Votes:
2 panel picture with a female with anonymous male or with sex toys or 2 females with 1 male (pose up to you)
250 Extra Votes:
Two females with multiple anonymous males or a couple in a 2 panel picture or 2 couples or 2 females in a 2 paneled picture
300 Extra Votes:
3 female in a threesome with/without an anonymous male or 1 female with anonymous male in a 3 paneled picture (pose up to you)
500 Extra Votes:
Five females with anonimous males or a 2 scene animation with 1 female and an anonymous male (pose up to you)

My Active Requests at WHentai:

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Nero (Saber) from Fate/Extra giving a sweet and sensual titjob/blowjob to a lucky guy on her bed (first person from the guys perspective)
Added: 2018-12-12 01:00:53
Rem Licking edelgard feet, she has black toenails, they both naked but have collar like rem. They both have hypnotized eye. The image is zoomed out to see that rem is also giving a footjob. [img id="4e27c7520a934c0a8093c4f19dc43c8c"]
Added: 2018-12-09 03:38:40
Price: Name yo price, yo Artist: Anyone can apply. Title: VA Cosplay, Jean/Boa Clare/Merry Characters: 2 Characters, standing up. Clare ( Image ) and Jean ( External ) from Claymore. Background: None, plain white will do. Details: Jean is cosplaying as Boa Hancock ( External ) from One Piece, wearing the outfit in the reference. She's sort of casually holding up the skirt part sort of like this ( deneve-loly-cosplay ), which exposes her pussy and she's not wearing any underwear. The parts of her dress that cover her breasts is also torn down the middle, so the flaps fall away and show her breasts more fully. Jean is looking at Clare with much arousal/surprise at how sexy she thinks Clare is. Clare is wearing a custom outfit of your (the artist's) own design. My only specifications are that it MUST be based off of this: ( External ), and she's wearing a strap-on modeled after the ship's ram-helm and railings. More specifically, the dildo's shaft is the shape of the canon and its head is the shape of the ram-head, with the panty-section of it stylized after the white railings. Yes, that is a ship. The first ship of the Strawhats from One Piece, to be precise. She is cosplaying as a ship. Other than that, it's entirely up to the artist how they want to do her outfit.
Added: 2018-12-09 03:35:55
2 panels - Anime: Shokugeki no Soma - Characters: Erina and Soma , Rindō - Clothing: Soma ( his cooking uniform with his dick out) Rindō (her school uniform) Erina ( her school uniform skirt flip up, no underwear, shirt rolled up fully showing her breast as in reference image) upper panel - position : Rindō sitting on bed seiza with Erina head on her lap, Rindō with mischievous smile on her face, her hand touching Erina hair gently, Erina and Soma holding hands, kissing and fucking in same position as reference image, Erina has the same erotic expression as in her reference image. Soma is coming inside her. - dialogue: * Rindō " that's it, be more honest with your feelings little princess" * Erina " Soma... call my name " * Soma " Erina I'm coming inside " lower panel - position : Rindō sitting on the bed with Erina laying across her lap getting spanked otk position Rindō with teasing smile rising her hand up to smack Erina butt. Erina with embarrassed expression as in her other reference image, with a little bit of tears in her eyes, her butt is red and cum is leaking out of her pussy - dialogue: * Rindō " this is no good little princess, you can't let him cum inside you so carelessly " * Erina " Soma don't look " - background for both panels: a bed , you can use this one as a reference -thank you [img id="d8a6aaa102e8d588bfdf16d55c2a5d8a"] [img id="5960fa9a4dd4ce02902b29ae59d4b7f4"] [img id="2eab7de9bc2b457acccff66cedde1cdd"] [img id="17b7224c51ff22de79e695e96b534c46"] [img id="16d698e254a9f34a7c3a8a1cde9f935b"] [img id="2ff9ff265b2a4b937a8ad6f80015d733"] [img id="9be3f325624e802dc623eaa48382f982"] [img id="392e36c1ede6842e4e775c2f5f697fe0"]
Added: 2018-11-30 17:45:28
Super Sayajin 2 Kefla from Dragonball Super Image Image Giving a Footjob to Vegito Blue from Dragonball Super Image (PLEASE DRAW FEET VERY GOOD) ! They are in this position. Vegito Blue is topless, eyes open & cumming. Super Sayajin 2 Kefla is topless, she has pink nail polish, her eyes are open, she is biting her fingernail, she wears the same leggings as in this picture, but it's ripped in her pussy area so you can see it. They are looking at each other blushing. Image
Added: 2018-11-28 08:12:46
Princess Diana from Fencer of Minerva barefoot in her slave uniform and collar chained next to her masters bed submissively awaiting his return. Her sexy feet are visable as well.
Added: 2018-11-28 07:55:22
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Spider Gwen getting Anal like in reference image. please use the separate image as reference for her face and hair, her out fit is teared showing her butt and pussy with cum coming out of both of them , and a red hand print from getting slap on her butt. expression like in position reference image [img id="8876f3e19ec8dc815d4b04f1fa65fe0a"] [img id="94fad344f4943a74fa14b2b804774be6"] [img id="28b0f428485b913bf15d15fdcbb03682"]
Added: 2018-11-28 07:54:46
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2 pic commission with Sena from Hagani with pink nails, Chisa from Danganronpa with black nails and Mitsuru from persona 3 with dark red nails, they have the swirly eye from danganronpa and look pretty naughty, maybe 1 drool or something, anyway hypno state. Like pretty much all my other commssion focus on foot fetish. creator can do what he want after that, I do like subtle rings or an anklet/feet anklet if you want to put it in. Image Image
Added: 2018-08-26 12:26:21
Title: VA Cosplay - Deneve/Loly Background: No background. Colors: Yes. Pricing: Name yo price, yo. Waiting time is not an issue. Details: Deneve from Claymore ( External , External , better color: Image ) wearing Loly Aivirrne from Bleach's outfit. ( Image ) Excluding the hair and eye-piece. The flaps of fabric that "should" cover the breasts have just swung completely open because there's nothing to actually hold them in place. She's holding up the front of the skirt with one hand, like she's thinking "what's this?" and unintentionally exposing her pussy to the viewer. (She's not wearing panties.) Her expression is deadpan.
Added: 2018-08-09 23:28:05
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Naruko laying down on her back on a bed grabbing one of her boobs while she masturbates [img id="0a6e508b1dcf3d1eb4b905af9203650b"]
Added: 2018-08-08 16:20:46
Discussion: (2 comments )
Claymore commission for SenyorPretty as per discussed. This commission has already been agreed on so nobody else needs to bother offering to make it.
Added: 2018-08-08 12:39:19
Trails of Cold Steel Rean having his cock being ridden by Emma Millstein, Alisa Reinford sitting on his face while their breasts are pushed together and they kiss while Sara Valestein watches sitting on the classroom teachers desk fingering herself
Added: 2018-07-25 02:43:40