My Rules:
- no gay/scat/gore (floating dicks are fine)
- im ok with drawing loli/animal girls(not full furry)/ monster girls.
i accept out of site commissions but i would prefer it here. you can send me a msg at [email protected] if you cant reach me here
My Pricelist (approximate):
100 Extra Votes:
1 female with anonymous male or with sex toys (pose up to you)
150 Extra Votes:
a couple or 2 females or 1 female w/ multiple anonymous males (pose up to you)
200 Extra Votes:
2 panel picture with a female with anonymous male or with sex toys or 2 females with 1 male (pose up to you)
250 Extra Votes:
Two females with multiple anonymous males or a couple in a 2 panel picture or 2 couples or 2 females in a 2 paneled picture
300 Extra Votes:
3 female in a threesome with/without an anonymous male or 1 female with anonymous male in a 3 paneled picture (pose up to you)
500 Extra Votes:
Five females with anonimous males or a 2 scene animation with 1 female and an anonymous male (pose up to you)

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Kanami Mashita in this outfit with those eyes giving a titjob and a blowjob where the cock being forced all the way down her throat[img id="900058262c6ab6836d1ce3a4680fd548"]
Kanami Mashita Service All Night Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: CuckerCarlson Added: 2018-05-17 11:02:54
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Character: Isara Gunther Series: Valkyria Chronicles Isara - First attached image - same outfit - thighhighs and shawl only (No boots) - in the pose of second attached image (Mordred) - Minus the collar. That pretty much sums it up! [img id="77d77ad696a1aed84df7f18e8d24877e"][img id="c5bf27cba9135154333861cf372ef933"]
Valkyria Chronicles Isara Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: OnlyIsara Added: 2018-05-17 11:01:41
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yukako yamagishi External Image Image enjoying anal.
Yukako Anal Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: Dreamrender Added: 2018-05-17 10:59:50
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Saki from cool devices: Seek barefoot in black leather bondage harness, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple and clit piercings embarrassingly awaiting her master in an extremely submissive and erotic position that shows off her bare feet. wrist and ankle cuffs chained together. feet fully visible
Cool Devices Saki Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: Minerjack69 Added: 2018-05-02 23:38:46
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Princess Vivi from One Piece in her first appearance outfit (see references) stood in an alleyway, having taken the opportunity to get some relief in private, a hand down the front of her shorts as she diddles herself. [img id="53a91101f708aa7d8be71eacf0a2f37e"]
Vivi Alleyway Masturbation Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: Derpfox Added: 2018-05-02 23:37:01
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Amy from bondage queen Kate barefoot showing off her feet blushing.
Slave Amy        Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: Minerjack69 Added: 2018-04-18 12:32:35
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Alisa Reinford & Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel) Extracurricular Activities (Part 3): That night, Alisa drops by Rean's room to spend a little more quality time with her lover. As with parts 1 and 2, use the CS1/2 character designs. Both should be naked. Note that Rean has a large scar on his chest: External Panel 1: Rean is sitting on his bed, and Alisa is riding his cock, facing him. He's groping her tits and sucking on one of her nipples. Panel 2: Rean is lying on the bed now, and Alisa's still riding him in the cowgirl position. Rean's hands are on Alisa's hips, and Alisa's tits are bouncing up and down as she starts fucking him harder. Panel 3: Alisa is lying on top of Rean now, kissing him passionately as they climax together. Rean is cumming inside Alisa's pussy, and cum is leaking out of her.
Cold Steel Extracurricular Activities 3 Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: Aonium Added: 2018-04-09 01:01:29
Kagero in her latest heroes outfit External laying down thrusting the carrot into her pussy like a dildo with one hand, the other hand rubbing her own breast (one is uncovered)
Fire Emblem Ninjabbit Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: Superdood Added: 2018-03-30 19:29:39
Sharena held up by her legs and having her pussy pounded hard and climaxed hard into, have her holding onto the guy's shoulders, her face the same as her damaged portrait, since that's a really cute and hot face, also with one tit hanging out of her costume, and the legging can be a bit ripped too External
Orgasm of Hero Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: Superdood Added: 2018-03-28 10:42:51
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A single panel version of this image: Image featuring Mavis Vermillion and Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail instead. Mavis on the bottom like the girl in the reference. Wendy is being held up in a reverse-nelson ( Image ) semi-off-screen, but she's not being penetrated. Rather, the man is rubbing her pussy back and forth along the shaft of his cock. Mavis and the cock is positively dripping with Wendy's juices, and there should be a glob of sperm oozing from the tip of the cock. Wendy is wearing this outfit: External but it's pulled up over her hips and pulled down below her breasts. Please include as much as possible of Wendy, but the man needs basically no consideration. Only include whatever's necessary of him. If Wendy's head can be fit into view then I'd like her to be blushing fiercely and have a look of being overwhelmed with both pleasure and embarrassment. (Not Ahegao, that would be too much) The most important part is fitting in the view from the reference in the image, how much of Wendy gets included beyond her hip-area and pussy pressing against the cock, I will leave up to the Artist to decide for themself how much they're willing to do.
Wendy and Mavis Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: DeepDarkMemes Added: 2018-03-27 10:07:42
sinon (sao) is on her knees bent over with her ass up getting fucked in the pussy by a huge white cock (1ft long at least) POV. Also angle it to get a good view of her tits. She is partially clothed. and x ray of her getting creampied
Sword Art Sinon Arts by: SenyorPrettySenyorPretty Idea by: WidowsTits Added: 2018-03-25 03:03:08
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